Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Owl Mania Has Arrived!

Or maybe it never left...

And Etsy is full of them. Brooches, plushies, prints, pocket mirrors, you name it, they've got it. Even, macrame! It makes me think I should have more owl decor. However, my daughter already beat me to the punch with her owl themed bathroom. She'd say, I just stole her idea. But I love those little woodland creatures. They are just too cute. I need to get on it and try my hand at some more owl illustrations. Maybe even an owl calendar for 2013...fun! The possibilities are endless.

These are some of my Etsy favorites.
1. Owl Locket Necklace by Polarity
2. Creamy Owl on Moss Green Linen - Pillow Cover by Sweetnature Designs
3. Giant Plush Owl, Herman by Sleepy King
4. Retro Bike Poster Owl by Orange Optimist
5. Pygmy Cactus Print by Bee Things



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