Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Power of A Positive Community!

Love What You Do Notebook by Honeydesignbooks
A Great Resource For Entrepreneurs... Etsy Forums
I try to make it part of my daily routine to get in the Etsy forums and see what new ideas, advice or tips are being passed around. I stumbled across "Best Marketing Tip" and decided to check it out. Etsy is not only a place to sell but such a supportive community for entrepreneurs. I am always impressed with the  positive energy and the willingness to share valuable information just for the sake of helping another. I thought I'd share a few of the tips... which I think are more important than some marketing tips you might find in a business text book or publication.

Blackburgbelle's tip:
Be authentic. Be yourself. Let your personality shine through in your products, blog posts, press releases, tweets, product descriptions, and all other marketing efforts.

YourUniqueKreation's tip:
Let your passion drive your will shine through as genuine. People like that.
And practically, include a few business cards in every order...word of mouth is still the best! 

TheHickoryTree's tip:
My best marketing tip. Keep your eyes and ears open to new ideas and trends. One of my buyers had a suggestion about something she wanted me to make. It turned out to be one of my best sellers.

Want more? Find four pages of great advice here "Best Marketing Tip"


  1. those are such great tips! I just did a series about marketing & increasing sales on my blog. you should check it out! :)


  2. Thanks... I will definitely check it out! Learn as much as you can, right!



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