Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sure... why not Fluffy too!

Doggie Halloween Costumes provided by Etsy
Halloween Costumes For Your Pets
Now that Halloween is just around the corner... there are all kinds of cool creations popping up on Etsy. And who can resist looking at a cute dog in a costume. Here are some of my favorite picks! If one of these cuties came barking at my door, I'd surely have a treat for them. My dogs aren't as cooperative when it comes to costumes. Years back, I tried with some reindeer antlers... let's just say I got the evil eye and I'm sure something got chewed up as a payback. So today, I share these sweeties that deserve the spotlight for taking one for the team and taking a cute photo! All these photos make me smile and chuckle a little! Enjoy!

These awesome dog costumes can be found on
1) Pirate hat for dogs or cats by lenapavia
2) Pet Hat - Rabbit by xmoonbloom
3) Handmade Original Ladybug costume for dogs or cats by hatz4brats
4) Doggie Dorothy Costume by NeedfulThingsofSalem
5) Wonder Women Pet Costume by ilickyou


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my ladybug costume! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  2. This is an adorable blog post. (Trust me, my dog doesn't like Halloween costumes any more than yours does. He has learned to play dead to get out of having his picture taken.) Thanks for including me in this collection. I look forward to seeing more of the cards that you design!



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