Thursday, September 2, 2010

Undiscovered Talent

My brother... the photographer.
I've always struggled taking pictures. I over think the composition, lighting, angle, subject matter, etc.. Like singing... I just can't do it. So I decided to feature some undiscovered talent who has no problem taking photos and does it quite well. These photographs were taken by my brother, Manny. He has always been great behind a camera. For now he does it for fun but I'd love to see him take it further. He lives in Santa Fe. If you've been there you know there are so many great shots around every corner. Here are a couple of examples of some great black and white shots... and from his phone. Wish my phone pictures turned out like that. Hope you enjoy the work, can't wait to see what he shoots next!


  1. i struggle behind the camera, as well, but thank goodness my husband is mr. photographer!

    found your blog through your etsy shop that i've had marked as a favorite for a lonnnng time.

    i'm moving to boulder in december, so we'll be close! do you sell your work at any shops in the area?

  2. Thanks for following. I have some in a Wash Park boutique and in a Pop-Up Store downtown. Welcome to Boulder, it's so beautiful there.



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